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February Book Club - February 26th 7-30 pm

Mackintosh follows her wildly successful debut thriller (I Let You Go, 2016) with the harrowing tale of a woman in the cross hairs of a vicious criminal enterprise operating deep within the London Underground.

Zoe Walker takes the Tube to her London-based job with a real estate firm. One day, while waiting for her stop, Zoe spies an odd newspaper advertisement bearing the photo of a woman who could be her twin. Soon she’s convinced that the woman in the photograph is her and that someone is watching her. The ad directs readers to a site called, but Zoe can’t get to the site. When she discovers that another woman pictured in one of the website’s photos has had her keys stolen, she contacts Kelly Swift, an officer with the British Transport Police. While Kelly investigates, Zoe tries to allay her fears that someone around her could be the culprit. Mackintosh offers up a rich stew of possibilities, including Zoe’s boyfriend, former husband, next-door neighbour, and boss. Soon, a third woman connected to the website is murdered. Kelly manages to finagle her way onto the Metropolitan Police’s Murder Investigation Team to assist on the case, immediately crossing swords with the lead investigator, DI Nick Rampello, as the MIT scrambles to prevent another tragic death. Mackintosh’s debut novel delivered a surprise that left readers reeling, and while her latest one is packed with suspense, twists, and turns, it falls a bit short of her first effort. Most readers will peg the villain early on, while the epilogue will remind them of the loose ends the author - and authorities - has left dangling.

The author’s meticulous detail to investigative accuracy and talent in weaving a thrilling tale set her work apart from others in the field.

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AMRA Social Sub-Committee

The social side of AMRA is run mainly by a Social Committee consisting of six volunteers led by the Social Secretary, who also sits on the Management Committee, ensuring that everything is cohesive. We are pleased to announce that Laura Johnson has taken over as social secretary. She is a great ideas person so you will enjoy her energy.


We organise three, free, get togethers annually paid for from members’ subs ...... a wine & cheese party in March to herald in the new season, an afternoon party for children as well as adults and a Christmas party when we also hold our annual general meeting before the fun begins!


In the past, we have also organised various outings or “get togethers” called, ‘AMRA extras’ ..... events where those members who choose to join in, just pay for the actual cost. These have included: wine tastings, fish and chip suppers on the Wallingford to Cholsey steam train and visits to various places of interest. There has also been the annual, ‘Boatnic’ often held in June where the boat owners amongst us, along with their friends, moor up at Days Lock for a picnic.

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