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Common Duckweed

Blanket Weed

Canadian Pond Weed

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Update on the Status of the Marina Weed Problem


Nick Newham and I visited Gary (the marina manager) recently to discuss the possible ongoing problem of the weed which we experienced last summer.

There are three types of weed which we have here.....1) duck weed which are the small droplets which float on the top of the water and are enjoyed by the ducks.

2) blanket weed which, apparently, is the worst of the three but has  value in that it floats on the surface  thus shielding the bottom growing weed from the sun therefore  discouraging it from growing.

3) the said Canadian Pond Weed growing from the bottom whIch caused most of the problem last year. This was chopped and removed by a company brought in by Builders Ede last autumn if you remember.    Apparently the value of this weed is that it releases oxygen from those flat leaves and aids clarity of the water.

Gary assured us that he will be keeping a watchful eye on the weeds as they start growing this year ( it is not worth moving to remove them until we can see any problem on the surface of the water and, at present,  he feels that the water is remarkably clean and healthy). If anything needs to be done, it will most likely be dealt with in September)


Note on the slipway

Gary wanted us to warn you all that a part of the slipway which goes under the water is broken and needs repair. At the moment, it is only suitable for small boats up to 21ft

The other work to be done around the marina this year is trimming back trees and foliage on the island side of the channel and also, some pollarding of trees in the nature reserve itself.

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