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Recipe Corner

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Tanya Edwardes


Antonya Cooper


Heron in flight - Antonya Cooper

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Omelette Arnold Bennet

(Delia Evans)

Serves two but can be doubled up for 4/6. This

is a quick and easy supper or lunch, apparently

invented by Arnold Bennett whilst at university

as the only means of cooking for himself was by

up ending his two bar little electric fire and using that!

* Poach 6oz of smoked haddock fillet in enough milk to just cover until just cooked
remove from heat and strain off liquid into a jug (you will need a little of it later).
* Next, preheat the grill to high and then remove any skin and flake the fish, put aside.
* In a bowl, beat together 3 large eggs and 2 table spoons of the milk.. Then grate 3oz of cheddar cheese (or you can experiment with any strong cheese you might like).
* You are now ready to cook! Heat 1/2oz of butter in a frying pan (or just enough to cover the base) and when it is foaming hot, pour in the egg mix. After about two mins, begin to draw the edges to the centre tilting the pan to let all the liquid egg run into the gaps. When you feel that the omelette is lightly cooked, sprinkle the flaked haddock over the top, pour over approx 3 to 4 tablespoons of double cream and cover with the grated cheese.  Put under the hot grill and cook until lightly browned and crispy. Divide in two and serve on warm plates.Grind a little black pepper over the top. We enjoy a salad and ciabatta bread with ours!... Enjoy.

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Morning Cappuccino with a Croissant

(Phil Edmonds)

Buy a pack of eight frozen croissants from

Waitrose and store in the freezer. Thirty

minutes before coffee time preheat the

oven, for my oven, 210˚C. Place how many

the croissants you want (I've never baked

more than two at one time) in the oven on a sheet of baking paper and bake for 21 minutes. Immediately remove from the oven and make the coffee. We have a Phillips expresso machine and use Douwe Senseo Espresso pods (ebay - 4X48 pods £27.96). For a cappuccino,microwave the full cream milk to 80˚C and foam in a foamer (whole milk makes the best foam). Add the milk to the coffee and then the foam. Remember 1-2-3, equal parts coffee, milk and cream.

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