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AMRA Minutes of Meeting, 25th March, 2022


Meeting Purpose/Type AGM

Meeting Date 25 March 2022

Location Abingdon Rugby Football Club, Lambrick Way

Attendees Total 26 members (see list attached), approx. 25% of membership

Quorum for AGM is highest of 15 members or 10% of membership


1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence

Delia Evans, Chair, welcomed everybody and noted that AMRA Committee member

Sandra North was out of town and had sent her apologies.

2. Chairman’s Report

Delia Evans noted that this was the first time on over two years that we had been able to have a physical AGM and had not been able to arrange many recent get-togethers.

The following persons were ratified in their co-opted positions without dissention:

- Laura Johnson as Social Secretary

- Edwin Antill as Treasurer

- Sandra North as Media Representative


Delia introduced the committee members and ran through the last year’s events

- AMRA Website set up thanks to Phil Edmonds. Delia highlighted that any proposed content should be sent to Kate who is managing the website.

- Facebook was maintained by Claire Heald who has recently moved out of the area. Sandra North has agreed to manage this going forward.

- The photo competition successfully led to the 2022 calendar. Total profit was

£100.50 of which £50 was donated to the Salvation Army at Christmas.

- The Boatnic was held in September 2021 at Abingdon lock. A charity bucket collected £60 which was donated to Abingdon Bridge (A charity providing

provides guidance and emotional support for young people aged 13-25)

- Sue Cutler continued to collect food donations for the Abingdon Foodbank throughout the pandemic. Members were reminded that collections are still ongoing with a request that any donations kindly to be passed to the Community Centre, next to the Midget pub, on Wednesday afternoons.


3. Financial Report

A copy of the financial report for 2020-2021 was available on the tables for review and is attached below. A vote was called and the report was approved with no dissention.


4. Upcoming Social Events

Laura Johnson, social secretary, highlighted some proposed forthcoming events for 2022. All subject to COVID regulations or recommendations at the time.


- 23 April. Provisional date for wine and cheese event at St. Ethelwold’s House in East St Helens Street. Members to please advise Laura in advance if attending in order to avoid wastage.

- 05 June. AMRA Summer Party to be held in the form of a street party at the end of North Quay, celebrating the Queen’s platinum Jubilee. Along with other events

there will be a prize for the best hat. Again please advise Laura if attemding.

o People to bring their own chairs

o We should be able to manage inclement weather with some canopies which are available to AMRA.

- 23 July 2022. Boatnic at Abingdon Lock provisionally planned for this date, members were advised to inform Angela Goodman if they were attending, and boat transport would be arranged in necessary.

- Theatre visit sometime soon – this would be paid by participants

- Laura highlighted that the only events paid from the subscriptions are the wine and cheese event, the summer party and the Christmas party/AGM. All other events

were paid by attendees of these events.


5. Membership Report

Tom Hardy reported that we had 99 members for the 2021-22 year. This is the highest it’s been for a number of years.


Members were reminded that payment was due before 1st April to the new account as advised in the latest newsletter.


Tom was thanked by all attending members for his excellent Newsletters.


6. AOB

Some residents have been unhappy with the number of commercial vehicles being

parked along North Quay although it is understood that the vehicle owners are living in North Quay. Delia advised that this was a public road and it’s unlikely that anything can be done about this with the local council.


Also, recent years have seen a significant increase in delivery vans and a discussion was held on the possibility of a new 20 mph speed limit, which is becoming more common in towns in recent years, covering W and N Quay.


Some residents commented that drivers often came along North Quay to try and get to the marina with the result that they get to the end and have to turn around. This is despite there being signs at the beginning pointing to the marina access down South Quay. It was discussed whether a more significant notice could be established - perhaps by the marina itself.


Antonya requested a price be obtained. Delia advised she will talk to the council about this and other matters raised.


Steve Croft advised that he has a contact for making signs.


A discussion was held about the possibility of placing a dinghy or boat on the unused land at the entrance to the marina and growing flowers in it. Angela Goodman informed members that she has found a potentially suitable boat available at no charge from the sailing club. Members thought that while this would in theory be a great addition to the area, some were concerned about who would maintain this.


A vote was held as to whether a boat with flowers at the entrance was considered a

positive item to pursue further or not.

Positive 16

Not positive 8

It was therefore agreed to pursue this further.


Meeting closed 19:45 hrs


A 10 minute break was held before starting the Special General Meeting which was being held to present the proposed new constitution.

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