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AMRA Support of the Abingdon Foodbank – Sue Cutler

Thinking of the Food Bank. - Sue Cutler has most generously restarted organising the AMRA contributions to the Abingdon Food Bank
AMRA fellows have been so good in supporting Abingdon’s food bank throughout these difficult times and we have all been very grateful to Sue Cutler for collecting our donations and delivering them to the food bank during this time.
She stopped in November only because donations to her boxes were falling off and I think she was deserving of a rest!!
However, she has asked that , with Christmas coming along, we might consider the food bank again, especially as they plan to give out 200 hampers to those still needing their support.If you think that you want to give something ,  Sue suggests that it would be a good idea to look  on their website where there is a list of needed items -  https://abingdon.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-food/.


URGENTLY NEEDED FOOD ITEMS (November 30th. 2021)










And note that if you don't have the time or opportunity to made a food donation you can donate to the Food Bank over the internet, either a single donation or a periodic donation. 


Visit to Food Bank by AMRA Chairman, Delia Evans - Last week I spent a most interesting few hours with the Abingdon Food Bank which so many of you so generously have supported during this lengthy Covid crisis. Sue Cutler, who delivers your contributions to the bank each Wednesday, kindly arranged this meeting for me and so I went along last Wednesday and, boy! What an enjoyable and enlightening time I had!

The organisation due to the pandemic was perfect........those who were using the bank entered through the side door of the community centre one at a time and were met at a desk manned by two where they showed the voucher which entitled them to make use of the bank and gave all their details to another person who recorded these on a computer just to check their validity. They were then given a ”parcel picking list” to fill in with their actual needs (e.g. number of children, dietary requirements and cooking facilities). The list of what they might choose was very comprehensive including hygiene requests ( which I found very thoughtful). They were then invited to sit down whilst their form was taken into the next area where the main volunteers then set about filling up carrier bags for them.There seemed to be a great variety to fulfill all needs including fresh fruit,vegetables and eggs as well as basics such as bread and even sweets and goodies for children and, surprise, surprise, for a unique English treat ... Marmite!!

The items given were considered enough for a week's food.

The atmosphere in the room was very friendly and welcoming as well as everyone being attentive to what they were doing.  Filled bags were then weighed and recorded again (there have been a few cases of people trying to cheat) and then returned to the recipient.

I was also introduced to the area manager who explained that the food bank was part of the Trussell Trust whose main centre for this area is Oxford. Anything which might not last until the following Wednesday is returned to this centre.

She also gave me a thank-you letter for you all which I include below. I hope that you have found this informative......just wanted to share it with you.   


“ To the kind people from the Abingdon Marina.....A HUGE THANK YOU !

We are so grateful for your generous donations to the Preston Road branch of the Abingdon Food bank. Week after week we have really appreciated your continued support, which is so welcome at this difficult time for many people in Abingdon and surrounding villages. It makes a real difference and is so encouraging to have your support.

With best wishes to you all,

Hilary Beale.”

Manager, Abingdon Food Bank

Undoubtedly, our generous contributions have helped enormously so, please keep it up!

Delia Evans

AMRA became involved with the Abingdon Food Bank last autumn when Maryanne Steele, the then Chairperson, suggested we supported the food bank as it is a local charity. I happily volunteered to organise a collection box outside my house so people in the Marina community could easily drop off donations on a weekly basis and I would then deliver to the food bank every Wednesday. The response was truly amazing and the momentum gathered during the lead up to Christmas when the food bank was asking for Christmas foods, chocolates and treats for children as they were putting together Christmas hampers as well as the regular food parcels. It was a very heartening experience to see how our community came together to help those in crisis and the donations continue to come in every week. So, another huge thank you to everyone who donated then, who are still donating or would like to start donating.


The collection box is at 8 Marina Way every Tuesday all day and Wednesday mornings until 12.30.


If you prefer I can be contacted on 01235 525212 or email sue_cutler@hotmail.com to arrange collection from your home.


Please visit the website at abingdon.foodbank.org.uk to find out more.