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Sunrise - Jane Smallman

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Covid Dreams

X-Country Skiing in Leutasch, Austria

(Phil & Emilia)

Every year, for almost as long as I can remember (which these days isn't very long) Emilia and I have gone to Leutash, in Austria, X-Country skiing. Just the perfect holiday, beautiful, healthy, excellent food, good wines,Well, I sit and dream of it. Good to have this to anticipate next year.

X-Country Skiing.jpg

Scuba Diving in Tulum, Mexico


I dream of being back in Tulum, Mexico. Lovely people, wonderful food (not like Tex Mex at all!) and all sorts of outdoor activities that I love. Best of all is scuba diving which I have done in various places around the world. Tulum is special though. In the same day you can dive in the ocean with coral and colourful fish and then move on to a cenote - the magical limestone underwater caverns. Anyone want to join me in the marina?!

Cenote Tulu.jpg
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