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Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting will be held at 7.00pm on Friday 9th December. Although it is less than nine months since our previous, delayed AGM, we are pleased to be able to return to our normal pattern of holding our AGMs annually at the start of December.


Edwin Antill has indicated that he wishes to retire as AMRA Treasurer at the AGM, so we are looking for a volunteer to replace him. Edwin has said he will remain available to his successor for mentoring and guidance as necessary.

AIMS of the Abingdon Marina Residents Association


The Residents Association (AMRA) supports a strong community on the Marina and through links with the wider community is well placed to take up issues of concern, provide co-ordinated support and generally take up any other matters of concern to residents. We also have an active social committee which has provided COVID safe activities during lockdown and are in the process of planning future activities and events as allowed. The aims of AMRA are:


1) to provide a lively social forum for members and their friends.


2) to be prepared to represent the collective views of members to various local institutions and authorities.


3) To encourage good environmental care throughout the footprint of the members.


In pursuit of these aims we publish a regular newsletter.


We inform residents of important issues via the website. Members also have access to Facebook and email groups - contact  Claire ( to be added to the Facebook Group

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